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"Staying under 1.5 degrees" refers to measuring temperature in Celsius.  If we continue "Business As Usual", we're on track to raise global temperatures 6.5 degrees Fahrenheit by the end of this century, if not sooner. Understood that way, all of a sudden the realization hits us: THAT'S HOT, and it's a lot hotter than life as we know it can survive. We're on a timeline with real-world consequences. Here are other ways to understand climate impacts and climate solutions:


Apps connect you to immediate actions. Games and interactive tools show how different strategies affect global temperatures. See how the numbers change when we implement different solutions. What are the combinations that make the most difference? What solutions surprise you?

There's an app for that!

Discover thousands of actions you can take right from your phone in just minutes every day and it's free. Earn points for the actions you take and Climate Action Now will plant trees on your behalf. 


Think you know what it's going to take to save the planet from the worst effects of climate change?

Can you can reach "net zero" by 2050?

Play The Climate Game, and find out what it takes.

developed by The Financial Times and Infosys

The Solutions Game is a great launching point for meaningful climate discussions and brainstorming climate actions. It's a creative, inspiring, team-building approach to leverage tools and connections for meaningful local change.

Whether at work, in a classroom, in a community group or with friends, The Solutions Game helps players explore a wide variety of actionable climate solutions, and help prioritize which to focus on.

You can play online or sign up to order the boxed game to play in person.

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En-ROADS, a powerful tool from Climate Interactive and MIT, allows you to test real-world strategies that might keep global temperature rise below 1.5 Celsius - the goal that almost all nations agreed to at the 2015 Paris Accord.


Watch this short demonstration video*:

This complex simulator is an excellent tool for policy-makers, students, and anyone interested in testing real-world solutions against real-world outcomes. 


Using this tool, you'll explore how emphasizing different solutions make a difference - or don't change much at all.

* En-ROADS provides training and support.

MyCAP, from the Business Council on Climate Change*, is a tool for anyone, at work and at home. Big change starts with small actions and MyCAP will help you understand your carbon footprint and set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely) goals to reduce your footprint, make a plan, and stay accountable. See how your goals fit within your company, community, and household.

MyCAP is a user-friendly Climate Action Plan tool that anyone and any business can use. Try it out!

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