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As we learn more we can do more. We can take meaningful actions to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and do our part to slow global warming when we understand "the why" and "the how". 

As you explore more, you'll find the science behind the solutions, interactive games, news you can use, and essential reading and videos, movies, and documentaries.

Why it matters

Curious about the science behind our climate situation?


The very fuels that have improved our lives for the past 200 years have added pollution to our atmosphere that is now causing significant climate disruption.​

Climate Protest

Fact, not fiction.


Unbiased reporting from non-partisan and non-profit organizations with the most current information for business, policy-makers, and community members on climate disruption, climate impacts, and climate solutions.


And coming soon: links to the best newsletters from the Bay Area's non-profit climate organizations, plus webinars, and podcasts.

Which solutions make the most difference? Which solutions surprise you? Learn more together.

Check out games and interactive tools that show how different climate action strategies affect global temperatures. See how the numbers change when we implement different solutions. Play on your own or with a group, play at home, at work.

Studying on a Computer
act now before its too late

Imagine what's possible.

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words! Along with a list of feature-length films and documentaries, we also have a few short videos that you can watch right now: from Prince Ea and Science Moms; thoughtful and funny videos on how to start a movement and how to have an impact; plus Climate 101 - a series of short videos from Project Drawdown.

Want to go deeper?


Leading experts on climate solutions as well as writers of "climate fiction" - stories about our world and how it's changing - have been busy. Your local bookstore and your library have many titles, and not just books to read but audio books to listen to, as well. When you show interest in learning more and request these books, libraries and book stores will add more to their shelves. There are also author talks, book clubs, and conversations to join. In fact, one of the most important things you can do is talk about climate - it will influence others to start taking actions, too.

Volunteer Team

Looking for more?

Explore more ways that you can plug into climate action communities, create your own sustainability plan, or make your home, business, or school more eco-friendly in our Resources Library.

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