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We're making climate action easy.

This is your one-stop shop to find Bay Area climate solutions that work for you.

Get started

Whether you're a sustainability newbie or an environmental expert, there are countless ways to take action that fit your budget, schedule & skills.

Everyone can do something, and everyone has a part to play. Together, the Bay Area can make a world of difference.

Here are a few things you can do to begin:

City of San Francisco

Act now

Find easy actions you can take right now. Taking small steps is a great way to start.


Energy & buildings

Improving energy efficiency saves money. Eliminating gas from our buildings makes indoor air healthier. Win-Win, right?



Zero emission transportation includes all the ways we get around, from walking to biking to taking public transit.

veggie farm_iStock-1078447204.jpg

Food & food waste

Find ways to cut down on food emissions. You can save money on groceries and eat healthier, too!

Get connected

Find organizations near you & learn what they're doing to help solve climate issues where you live and around the Bay Area. Then get connected to people, organizations, and (most importantly) solutions.

Get inspired

Feeling stuck? Learn more about climate justice, science & solutions, or check out stories from businesses, community members, and local governments around the Bay Area.

Reading a book

Learn more

The fuels that have powered our lives for the past 200 years add pollution to our atmosphere that is now causing significant climate disruption. Learn more about the science behind the solutions.

Online Class

Explore interactive tools

Check out games and interactive tools that show how different climate action strategies affect global temperatures. Which solutions surprise you?


Get connected to tools you can use, how-to information, templates, apps and more.


Taking climate action can be quick, easy, and free.

Installing Solar Panel


What to do & how to do it — we've got everything you need.

Students with iPad


Games, books, and more to learn more about climate solutions.

Quick links

Find out what's happening in your backyard.

Contra Costa County Climate Leaders

The network for local governments sharing, publicizing and facilitating greenhouse gas emission policies and education in Contra Costa County.

Richmond Progressive Alliance

The RPA has this explicit goal: to take political decision-making back from corporations and put power in the hands of the people.

Sustainable Contra Costa

Sustainable Contra Costa is a community of citizens, educators, innovators, and organizations designing and building pathways to ecologically sustainable, economically vibrant, and socially just communities for all.

350 Contra Costa

350 Contra Costa is a local affiliate of 350 Bay area and a grassroots climate crisis group taking action in our home community. We are a welcoming front door for all people concerned about a healthy, safe and equitable environment.

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