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In the fog about climate solutions?

We make taking action easy

We get it—climate change is complicated, and solutions can be confusing. But we're here to make things simple.

Here's how you can get started from right where you are:

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Why should I act now?

Climate change is complicated and figuring out what to do is confusing. It helps to understand why we should care, and what steps we can take that will make a difference.

Learn more about the history of climate disruption and the science behind the solutions.

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Essential media

Looking for climate games, books, movies, podcasts, interactives, and more? We've got you covered.

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News you can use

Stay up-to-date on science, solutions, and local climate news. Get the latest updates from nonpartisan news outlets and Bay Area organizations.




Act now

The Bay Area's biggest contributors to climate change is pollution from our energy & buildings, transportation, and food & food waste.

The good news is that there are fast, easy, and often free actions that you can take to make your lifestyle more sustainable.


Find actions & events

Whether you're an environmental expert or a sustainability newbie, there are tons of local actions & events for you to explore.

Learn more, meet new people and make a difference in your community.

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Climate action near you

Find organizations, businesses, and government agencies in your community. Learn what they're doing to take climate action. Then reach out & get connected to people, groups, and solutions.

Explore resources

We've got the tools you need to start your climate story.

Find your climate action partners, get started at your school, or create your own climate action plan.

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Find your climate action partners

It's easier and more fun to take action with others. Find a group in your community or create your own—we've got everything you need to get started.

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What's happening in Marin?

Find climate organizations, businesses, and government agencies in Marin that are all working to slow climate disruption and make our community more resilient.


Support our work

Help us share great climate solutions that already exist with local communities, businesses, and governments all around the Bay. We have a great website that gets better every week - but we need to reach thousands of people for those resources to make a difference.

With your support, we can help the Bay Area dramatically reduce our reliance on fossil fuels by sharing the best resources and solutions with all 9 counties, 101 cities, and the 7.8 million people who call this place home. Thank you!

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