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ACT NOW, where it matters most

The three biggest contributors to climate change here in the Bay Area are from our buildings & the energy we use, how we get around, and our food & food waste. The good news is that the solutions already exist.

Just get started!

Waste not, want not.

Here are things that we can all do right now: make changes to how we use electricity, how we get around, and how we buy food so it doesn't go in the garbage. Get started taking actions where they matter most - in your own home, school, organization, or business. Easy, money-saving, and free!

Talk about it!

Share what you're doing - talk about the changes you're making with your neighbors, friends, and co-workers. It's always more fun to take action with others, even if they seem like baby steps. Who knows? You may inspire others!

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Take the next step

Energy & buildings

Eliminating fossil fuel gas in our buildings is essential. It's an indoor health issue as well as polluting in the atmosphere. It's not just our appliances, but the energy we use just to keep the lights on and our buildings warm - and cool. The good news is that solutions already exist & we've broken it down from "easy, right now!" to how to get gas out of your home and electrify everything: how to make a plan, where to get expert help, how to find rebates, as well as some inspiration.


"Zero Emission Transportation" isn't just electric vehicles! It includes all of the ways we get around, including our feet, bicycles, and public transit (trains, ferries, buses). We're all making changes as we rethink how we get around, and driving smarter and driving less just makes more sense these days. You decide what works best for you but, by all means, let's clean up the air we breathe and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. 

Food & food waste

We hear a lot about "carbon" when we talk about the climate, but methane is far more dangerous than carbon dioxide - for our health as well as the planet's. Methane is usually called "natural" gas. It's also known as fossil gas - the same gas we cook with, and that heats our homes and buildings. Methane also comes from rotting plant material & food that gets thrown out and ends up in our growing landfills.

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