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The challenge is real.

Our climate is changing more each day. We're up against wildfires, drought, and floods. The clock is ticking.

Sounds serious, doesn't it?

It is serious. But we know we can do this together, starting right here in the Bay Area. We can take action to dramatically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and do our part to slow global warming to protect our communities, our economy, and everything we love about the Bay!

Why it matters

The very fuels that have improved our lives for the past 200 years have added pollution to our atmosphere that is now causing significant climate disruption.

Learn more about the science behind the solutions.

Climate Protest
Studying on a Computer


Check out games and interactive tools that show how different climate action strategies affect global temperatures. See how the numbers change when we implement different solutions.


What are the combinations that make the most difference? Which solutions surprise you?

Looking for more?

Explore more ways that you can plug into climate action communities, create your own sustainability plan, or make your home, business, or school more eco-friendly in our Resources Library.

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