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Facts, not fiction.

Here are just a few organizations that specialize in climate news. 

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News you can use



is a nonprofit, independent media organization focused on climate justice solutions, and dedicated to telling stories of climate solutions and a just future using the power of storytelling to illuminate the way toward a better world. 

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Inside Climate News


is a non-partisan, Pulitzer Prize winning non-profit news organization, focusing on environmental journalism. They cover clean energy, carbon energy, nuclear energy, and environmental science, plus the territory in between where law, policy and public opinion are shaped.

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provides intelligent, focused content on business, technology, and sustainability for people from every industry and discipline. Since 1991, GreenBiz has chronicled and been a catalyst for thought leadership in aligning environmental responsibility and profitable business practices.

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Climate Nexus


Dedicated to changing the conversation on climate change and clean energy, improve public understanding of the clean energy transition, and its economic, health, and environmental benefits.  

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Environmental Health Sciences


publishes The Daily Climate and Above the Fold newsletters, and Environmental Health News, and is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to increasing the amount of science and journalism in public discussion on health, equity, and the environment.

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KneeDeep Times


A digital magazine with a focus on the San Francisco Bay Area, features stories from the frontlines of climate resilience. The magazine also explores West Coast, national, and global topics relevant to local action. 

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Partners' Newsletters, Podcasts, more

We're busy talking to our partners and curating this list - coming soon! We'll also be bringing you podcasts, videos, webinars, and more. Send your suggestions:

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