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Find your climate action community

It's easier and more fun to take action with others. Find a group in your community or create your own—we've got everything you need to get started.

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Bay Area Climate Resources

Bay Area Greenprint

Check out the following listing of Bay Area-relevant online resources providing more in-depth support of your efforts in planning for the environment and people. The resource types include conservation mapping tools, regional & state conservation plans, and natural & agricultural resources data.

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Case Studies for Climate Change Adaptation

Environmental Protection Agency

A list of case studies related to climate change adaptation.

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Case Studies

U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit

Communities, businesses, and individuals are taking action to document their vulnerabilities and build resilience to climate-related impacts. Use this map to preview case studies, find stories of interest, or browse stories below the map.

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Global Warming's Six Americas

Yale Program on Climate Change Communication

One of the first rules of effective communication is to “know thy audience.” Learn about six unique audiences within the American public that each responds to the issue of climate change in their own distinct way.


How to Get Involved in the Bay Area Climate Action Movement

MCE Clean Energy

Grassroots community efforts are essential to combating climate change. Luckily, lots of local opportunities are available to mobilize and positively impact the environment. To join the climate action movement, get involved with an organization in MCE’s service area.

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U.S. Climate Change Litigation

Sabin Center for Climate Change Law

Explore climate change cases in the U.S. database, including federal statutory, constitutional, state law, common law, and public trust claims; securities and financial regulation; trade agreements; adaptation; litigation brought by protesters and scientists; and more.

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How to change the story on social media: ACF Community Toolkit

Australian Conservation Foundation

The Australian Conservation Foundation has created this guide for its supporters on how to communicate on social media more effectively offering lots of tips about values, language and storytelling.


Communications & Media

The Commons Social Change Library

The resources here will help you get clearer on what communication channels to use and how, how to develop compelling framing and messages, and the skills required to engage media (traditional and new forms) effectively.


Climate Action Mapping Project: Bay Area

Bay Area Climate Action Map

Find climate action organizations near you.

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Climate Change, Public Health, and Policy: A California Case Study

National Library of Medicine

This article proposes that 4 key policy principles are critical to successful policymaking in the arena of climate change and public health, exploring California’s progress in addressing the public health challenges of climate change in the San Joaquin Valley as an example.

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Campaign Communications Course

Global Grassroots Support Network

This free course is designed to help grassroots groups to understand the basics of public communications for building a convincing, winning campaign. It can support groups looking for skills on crafting targeted messaging and framing to move people towards social change.

Intro to Digital Campaigning

Antje Dun

Digital campaigning leverages technology to create change, whether through emails and petitions or WhatsApp and Instagram. The resources here will help you finesse your mobilising strategy, broaden your engagement across platforms, and think critically about how to measure your success.


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