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Welcome - Let's Get Started!

Climate solutions?

"I'm just one person! What can I possibly do?"

We're so glad you asked!

Taking action is easier than you think. This is your one-stop shop 

to find Bay Area climate solutions that work for you

where you live, where you work, and with your local government. 

Everyone can do something, and everyone has a part to play -

together, the Bay Area can make a world of difference.

Did you know?

About 80% of the people living & working in the Bay Area realize that climate disruption is happening. Over 70% believe that communities should do more. The good news is that solutions already exist. Some are easy & we can do them right now. Others are going to take all of us working together, right where we are. Imagine what the Bay Area's 7.8 million people can accomplish - we all have a part to play.

What you'll find here:

resources that connect you to tools you can use, how-to information, templates, apps and more

actions that will save you money, improve your health, help your company & your community

knowledge about the science behind the solutions, news you can use, games, videos, books, and more

inspiration from real people, businesses, and communities around the Bay

What You Can Do Right Now

Let's Get Started!

First, what you can do right now

Taking small steps is a great way to start. We've got the tools you need to begin.

Did you know?

Energy used in buildings contributes 26% of our greenhouse gas emissions.


Improving energy efficiency saves money. Eliminating gas from our buildings makes indoor air healthier and makes outdoor air much healthier, too. Win-win, right?

Did you know?

Transportation contributes about 41% of our greenhouse gas emissions.


Zero Emission Transportation isn't just electric vehicles! It's all the ways we get around, including our feet, bicycles, and public transportation.

Did you know?

Food waste is the #3 contributor of greenhouse gas emissions globally. 

veggie farm_iStock-1078447204.jpg

Locally, what's wasted in the fields, grocery store dumpsters, and the back of our refrigerators is not just a waste of food and money, but also spews methane gas.

Want to do more, right away?

There's an app for that!



Discover thousands of actions you can take

right from your phone in just minutes every day.

Earn points for the actions you take and

Climate Action Now will plant trees on your behalf.


The most important thing you can do right now might just be to talk about what you're doing.

Where Is "Home" for You?

What's happening where you are?

With 9 counties, 101 cities, and 7.8 million people, it's never "one size fits all." 

Where is "home" for you?


Click on your county to find organizations near you, as well as businesses, agencies, and government offices that serve you, your business, and your community

Learn what they're doing to help solve climate issues where you live and around the Bay Area.

Then reach out -

get connected to people, organizations, and most importantly: solutions!

Community-Led Actions

Volunteers Cleaning Park

Find your climate action partners - in your neighborhood, your town, at your school and your work. You'll find ideas, inspiration, and resources, from making your own Climate Action Plan to talking with your city council.

Government-Led Actions

Politician Shaking Hands

Business-Led Actions

Business Plan
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