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Everything you need to make your own climate action plan

1. What's your carbon footprint? 

First, take a few minutes to understand your climate impact by estimating your current "carbon footprint". That information will guide you as you create your own climate action plan.

2. Set your goals

What's important to you and your community and where do you want to start to reach your goals? Once you understand your starting point you can decide where your actions can make the biggest impact. 

Together at the Top

3. Make a plan!

It's easier to start the journey if you have a map. For instance, take an inventory of what appliances might need to be replaced in the near future, decide to get a whole-house energy efficiency review, or reconsider how you get around. Check out our resources below for ways you can cut back on the climate impacts of your travel, home, food, lifestyle, and more!

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